Justin Timberlake makes an unlikely friend

so many people on my dash rn have a variation of a carrie mathison ponytail icon i’m so confused

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I do so enjoy a pre-season meltdown.


I’d love to be the person who uploads a still or a teaser to the showtime site, it’d be like lighting touch paper and seeing the resulting explosion all over tumblr. Seeing people freak out over a hoodie, a pony tail, a stilted hug, would just be the ultimate in job satisfaction. Perhaps I need to revise my career aspirations.

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the words “what did i do wrong” quickly come into my mind

“Claire has a ferocious commitment to the truth in her work. Nothing is softened or gilded with the agenda often specific to actresses – the desire to maintain desirability, vulnerability, appeal… She asks for nothing except that you witness the beating heart of each woman she plays as she reveals it. It’s a simple adjustment, not to care what that looks like, but only the great ones make it.” — Meryl Streep on Claire Danes