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The Haim sisters show their appreciation in fairly different ways


The Kevin Corrigan Show - 4/17/14 with: Natasha Lyonne, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer (Photos by Maggie Walsh)

not even having one of your gifs in a buzzfeed article makes up for how truly disgusted i am

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Anonymous: "has there ever been a time when you felt carrie mathison's character development was off? like, did she ever do something you thought was out of character? or have you ever not liked where the writers were taking her to? thanks :)"

Hmm… there have been times during the middle of the season when I questioned how she was written but at the end of the season, once you have the full arc and all the information, not really.

In season 1 I never questioned anything, but that arc is so brilliantly crafted. One of the writers described it as a “puzzle of insanity” and I think that’s so apt. Claire’s performance in that season is one of the greatest ever. And that’s another thing: Claire plays everything so convincingly that it’s hard to doubt.

Season 2 I never doubted anything, at least not that I can remember.

The pregnancy storyline in season 3 is a perfect example of in-season versus post-season perspective. After 3.06 aired I was horrified and livid. The pregnancy storyline, at that time, seemed so unnecessary. None of it actually made sense. Why hadn’t she been using birth control? Why hadn’t she aborted considering that she had been drinking, on Lithium, clearly didn’t want it, etc.? Those characterizations definitely didn’t fit in with how I saw her. I was also frustrated with the writers for heaping another pile of shit on her. But I am very protective of Carrie Mathison in the first place.

It wasn’t until 3.08, when she goes to see her OB, that we learn the reason why she hadn’t just aborted. That what she was doing (clearing Brody) “mattered to a lot of people.” That’s a classic Carrie rationalization — clearing Brody really only mattered to her, in the end (not even Brody cared. Dana certainly didn’t care).

It was at that time that I theorized that they made her pregnant to give her further justification to go to such great lengths (i.e., the ruse and all that shit she put herself through) to clear  Brody. Because she couldn’t have the father of her potential child be a (presumed) terrorist.

And that’s what I thought until maybe 3.10 or so, when it became increasingly clear that her undying love for Brody was justification enough, though I still think her need for validation and the above reason played at least some part.

All of which is to say that Gansa confirmed after the finale that the child was a way to keep Brody’s spirit “alive” after he had died. (And, in hindsight, we all should have known the second Carrie became pregnant with his child that he was toast.) So, is the baby a plot device? Well, yes, kind of. It certainly didn’t seem like a natural enough development given Carrie SHOULD be very stringent about using birth control. But her indecision is very Carrie-esque and her ensuing regret/doubt in 3.12 (“I didn’t think it through…”) is, too.

So during season 3 I was more often than not against the pregnancy (and I’m still not sure completely how I feel about it, though these days I fall more on the “pro” side), but at season’s end it actually came together pretty well.

Do I think the writers needed to make her pregnant? Absolutely not, and I never will.

But I believe that the way she handled being pregnant—her entire decision process from 3.06-3.12—actually fits in with her characterization. And that’s a perspective you can only have after seeing the entire arc (which is why in-season criticisms can be so useless/frustrating).

Anyway, that’s the only time I’ve ever felt really baffled about what was happening.

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Dustin Hoffman by Terry O’Neill.


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